Slovinsko - napsal nám předseda Svazu volného létání

Na náš dotaz na podmínky létání ve Slovinsku platné od letošního roku nám odpověděl předseda Svazu volného létání, pan Srečko Jošt, tímto emailem:


Hello Jaromir,

We had one more meeting with our CAA and Ministry of Infrastructure on Friday, January. We were mainly discussing safety "benefits" that registrations could bring. They were thinking that if we will have mandatory registration that safety in flight will be better. Some how we came to a conclusion that registration will not solve any safety problems, so for the start they decided they will freeze this legislation for 1 or 2 years, in between we have to prove that this really will not bring any benefits or solve any safety problems we have with accidents, mainly tourists coming to free fly.

Due to the procedural problems, this will only take place in about 1 to

2 weeks, but CAA inspectors should not demand it in the meantime.


Best regards

Srečko Jošt